Dudao L8H cable 3in1 extendable 1.1m black (L8H-black)

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Dudao L8H cable 3in1 extendable 1.1m black (L8H-black) Do you use several devices on a daily basis and do not want to carry different chargers with you every time to use them when necessary? The presented gadget from the Dudao brand is a solution created just for you. It's an elegant design for a coiled cable that terminates in three different sockets to suit three different devices. This is exceptional practicality contained in a small gadget. Specification: Brand: Dudao Type: 3in1 coiled cable Connectors: USB Type A, USB Type C, micro USB, Lightning Cable length: 1.1m Set contains: 1 x Coiled 3in1 cable The most important features: Cable coiled on a spool Possibility to charge three different devices Reinforced structure at the ends Simple and convenient design The presented Dudao gadget is a simple but durable structure. In the central part of the cable there is a spool with the manufacturer's logo made in an interesting style. There is a coiled cable in it, which, if you need to charge the equipment, can be easily unfolded and plugged into the charger. On the other side there is a branch with three additional inputs. The plug-in cable has been covered with a protective material, which makes it resistant to abrasion or bending. One cable - many possibilities The Dudao cable offers you many possibilities. With its help, you can charge different devices at the same time. All thanks to a special branching to three separate ends. Thanks to this, you gain a USB type C, microUSB and IP output. In practice, this means that you can forgo three different cables and replace it with one universal that you can always have with you. Reinforced cable construction You don't have to worry about one of the most common cable failures - bending or abrasions around the tip. All thanks to the reinforced structure used by Dudao - each output has been strengthened so that you can freely use the cable for a long time.